Manitou Evangelical Free Church

Community Outreach - Locally & beyond

MEFC loves community and whom better than that of the ones we live in! We have been hosting a group separate of Manitou EFC, and are so happy they've been happy to come use our space every Wednesday!  We love an opportunity to build relationship, friendship and enjoy fellowship with those we call neighbor or friend and help the mamas out when just needing to get out of home, have a new enviroment to visit in and a big space for kids to run and play and burn off some energy! 

This community group for moms is not a part of Manitou EFC. We simply offer the use of available space and hope all feel welcome to come and just relax while your littles play and you find comfort and community with other moms in the same stage of life. 

The group is on a break for the holidays, but will return on January 10th.