Manitou Evangelical Free Church

Family Life

We love gathering as a church family, and it's always a treat when food is involved!  We are so appreciative of our hostesses who prepare the coffee and teas and even provide deliciousness to go along with the hot bevies, so we want to continue the fellowship throughout the summer!  

We often find ourselves rushing to get into the sanctuary for the start of church because we enjoy visiting together in the foyer, so come a bit earlier to the start of our Sunday Service for a casual time of visiting, an opportunity to share God's Faithfulness in our lives and enjoy a cup with pastries!   

We would also love to give our hostesses a break from providing the treats so if you feel like blessing others with a treat to share, we'd be happy to add it to the cart! Or even freeze extras and serve on another Sunday morning.  

We are also updating our photo gallery wall and want to include You and your loves! Feel free to submit a favourite family photo either (either 4x6 or 5x7 sized) or we can capture your family for you.  We'll get you whenever it works, so just pull Carol or Ria and we'll take care of you!